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Blogger, CEO, Tech-nerd, Developer, Betting lunatic, Linux-fanboy, Google-fanboy with my friend Aquila to help!

My name is Carl, I’m that nerdy guy from a small town called Eskilstuna who lived his whole life geeking out on things.

E­Mail: carl.skantz@carlskantz.se
Website: http://www.carlskantz.se
Birthday: 1992­06­24
Location: Sweden
Linkedin: https://se.linkedin.com/in/carlskantz

I’m looking for a job where I can become better at what I do and extend my expertise.

I’m very interested in learning new things, social along co­workers and love to be a part of a


OneCoder, Stockholm
June 2015 ­ Present
SysAdmin / DevOps / CEO
As of june this year, I’ve started my own buissines on the side called OneCoder.
Here we are a group of people doing development and sysadmin work on the side of work.
I’m the founder and CEO of the company.

Ericsson, Kista, Stockholm
Februari 2015 ­ Present
SysAdmin / DevOps
At Ericsson I’m working with clusters along with stand­alone server.
We run big Red Hat enviroments with FOSS from apache foundation.
Technologies that we use are the following:
Zookeeper, Apache, rhel7, kafka, storm, citrix, mongodb, Activemq, collectD, supervisord etc.
Bash and Perl scripting occurs along with this work.

LeadDesk, Östermalm, Stockholm
August 2014 ­ Februari 2015
Systems Technician
Employed at Leaddesk where I’ve worked with support and mainIy worked with the following
technical aspects:
PBX, Debian/Linux servers,Voip,Zendesk and Bash scripting.

Freelance ­ Betsson, Stockholm
November 2013 ­ July 2014
Lived of betting at high stakes.
People hired me to make money for them, via betting.

R2Meton, Kista, Stockholm
April 2013 ­ September 2013
Employed at AcademicWork as an DevOps / technician at R2Meton where I worked with their
Red Hat servers.
I worked with the following technical aspects:
ServiceMixes, nginx, Red Hat servers, Puppet, tomcat, Nagios and Bash scripting.

Eskilstuna cityhall, Eskilstuna
July 2012 ­ March 2013
Worked as a System Administrator in Eskilstuna cityhall.
I managed their intranet and their external website.
SharePoint and EPiServer was my work environments.

Q­free, Solna, Stockholm
February 2012 ­ April 2012
NOC technician.
Worked as an NOC Technician who administrated Stockholms tollgates and some of Portguals
I only worked with Linux servers and managed the operations that occured.

Hotellportalen, Stockholm
August 2011 ­ December 2011
Web Developer / Front end developer
Php, html, css, javascript and mysql was the language I used here.
I worked here while I was searching for a job within my range of expertise.

Transcom AB, Eskilstuna / Kungsor
May 2011 ­ August 2011
Phone support for Tele2
I worked as a broadband support­technician.

NTI highschool, Eskilstuna
August 2008 ­ June 2011
Computer school where I studied networking and computing.

Stanford University, Distance
February 2013 ­ August 2013
Read the following courses:
• Linux Administration
• Basic web server technologies (Apache, php, mysql, etc.)
• Fundamental Algorithms (technology behind the servers and clients talking to each other, etc.)

Team zHan, Online
June 2007 ­-2018
Operating a small community called Team zHan.
This is a medium group of people that play games and socialize with each other.
I manage the servers and keep them updated.

Swedish, Native
English, good knowledge
Norwegian, OK knowledge
German, some knowledge
Finnish, some knowledge

● EPiServer
● SharePoint
● Nagios
● Windows
● Servers (General)
● PC
● Bash
● Python (basic knowledge)
● Php (Beginner)
● Perl (Beginner)
● Java (Beginner)
● DNS (Beginner)
● Computer Hardware
● Red Hat Linux
● Debian Linux
● Linux System
● DevOps
● System Administration
● Unix
● Networking (Basic and some advance skills)
● Xampp/Wampp Area (Apache, Mysql, Php etc.)
● Collectd
● zookeeper
● supervisord, systemd, init.d etc etc
● Mac OSX, iPhone
● Android and arm based platforms such as raspberry pi.