The Art of Making Money

Or atleast trying to!
I’ve always been good with coming up with ideas for projects and various tasks that needs some kind of problem-solving, but never been good at getting some of that sweet $$$$ for it. Well.. this is basically me trying to see if I can change that with some various projects (duh!) and ideas but getting it monetized. Maybe it can help you out? I honestly don’t know, but it might be worth of checking out.

Who is this for?

I started writing this post because I wanted to do the research for myself, but thought that it might be useful for someone else in my scenario or someone similar maybe.

I’m not a “top marketer” (or whatever it’s called), I’m not a big influencer, I’m not gonna sell you this or that. I just wanna see how us ‘everyday’ people could find some kind of way of making some potential money.

“Top X ways of making passive/online money”

I’ve looked over the internet, browsing webpages and looking at youtube videos, and somehow, most ‘influencers’ wants you to make amazon affiliate, online classes, sell stock photos or whatnot.
Well, here’s the problem! In order to do most of these stuff, you need to have an audience to actively pursue what you as some kind of influencer market for them.
Now, let’s say that we have this sort of audience, do you who reads this still think that you can take good professional photos/videos? or make a “masterclass” online class playing guitar (just an example)? or that people would use your links on whatever platform you use for your audience..

Maybe you do? maybe not! I for sure don’t have that audience or that kind of influence. So what do I have in mind?

My Skills to move forward

Personally, I come from a heavy IT background ( you should be able to find my resume on this site) and I feel very confident with my knowledge, but could always learn more ofcourse.

This however doesn’t mean that you would need the same background as I do, I’m just highlighting my knowledge and seeing what I could potentially use to make whatever money. Everyone has some kind of knowledge or skill, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest that you should use that knowledge. For instance, me with a heavy tech background is starting up a youtube channel and learning how to edit and make somewhat interesting videos. I just try to adapt and combine similar interests of different topics together. Maybe you like to share videos, maybe you like knitting (or something), how about combining them? It’s just an example to see some potential in whatever you do and most important, what you like to do.


So let’s take a step back from this post and write down some stuff that we can think of doing. Whatever is on top of your head! Write down a list on a piece of paper with atleast 20 solid ideas and see if it’s easy or hard for you to do.

Go ahead, just do it!
And if you don’t find any ideas, go out on the web and really search outside your comfort-zone, even if it doesn’t gives you the exact thing you wanna do, it may be some inspiration for something you could do.

Note: Some day I would want to write down a list of 1000 different ideas on this website, but that’s gonna take some time and it’s something I wanna do for myself. But that’s a future project! 😉

The plan

So for me, there’s two approaches we could do here, and you’re gonna do what you think it’s best for you!!! Don’t copy me or someone else, you do what you think suits you the best.

The first approach: Do one thing and do it darn good!
For example, if you really know what you like and wanna do, do that 100%! and separate money sources are gonna come your way. As an easy example for this, if you really wants to make youtube videos and somehow ends up semi-big, you’re gonna get sponsors, adsense and so on. It could be something completely different, but you get the picture.

The second approach: I wanna call this the spray and pray scenario, where you have a lot in your head and just wanna try various different things to see what fits you and maybe earn some dollar/euros/pounds in multiple projects. Even if I don’t find this option to be the superior one, it’s the one I’m going with.

But these ideas that we’re getting here (even if I’m gonna mention them below) are up to you. If you find this step difficult, go back to the #breakdown section and figure out your 20 ideas again. This post is about teaching you (and myself) to figure this mess out ourself.

Good luck us!

Let’s do it!

So now, we’re gonna actually start up and do these projects.
My own list of things I wanna try is the following:

  • YouTube
    -Gaming & tech videos
    -Amazon affiliate links within the videos
    -Patreon for fans to help out
    -Sell merch
  • Spotify/Apple-music/OTHER
    -I play various instruments and have this as a hobby today
  • Sell Stock Videos/Photos
    -I spend alot of time hicking and take some nice photos every now and then
    -I like editing, so I could make some stock footage
  • Sell a product
    -I have some ideas of different products I could sell
  • Invest in stocks & crypto
    -Stocks at robinhood or local market
    -Coinbase & Binance for crypto
  • This blog
    -I like writing things I genially care about
    -Affiliate amazon
    -Ads (once that day comes)

    Notice that I only mention 6 topics instead of the 20 I originally mentioned? It’s because I really wanna try out these things to see if they work or not. And that’s how you gonna do it aswell.
    If you try out ten different ideas, 9 totally fail and 1 work. It’s a success, since you figured that out by yourself! If everything failed, go back, think of some new ideas, research and try them out. Just because some things work for certain people doesn’t mean you even wanna do it!

The most important thing here is to do something you like or wants to do. As soon as you do that, it’s not gonna feel like work.

Best of luck to you and please send me a tweet if you figured something out and it helped you. I believe in you 🙂


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